Q: So between the two of you, who is the better actor?
YH: I want to hear that from Changmin.
CM: I was actually in Japan when the first episode (of Paradise Ranch) aired. I thought I’d hear a ton of criticism and scolding, but I actually received more praise than I thought. But instead of going “Ah, why am I getting such good feedback?” I thought, “Oh, it can’t be like this — what if Yunho hyung feels bad?!”

Q: How was the feedback different from your first dramas?
CM: Well, because I don’t want to be stoned by Jung Yunho’s maniac fans… kidding aside, because we’re both starting out new, I don’t think it can be decided who’s better or anything like that.
 Oh, but I have a story to tell — among our friends, there’s a certain friend named Kim Kibum, right? He told me, “Yunho has good sense (to emotions/feelings), whereas you have a good head (meaning he’s smart). So in acting, you will understand well with your head and Yunho will capture the sense, so you’re at a loss,” is what Kim Kibum said.

YH: …well, my head isn’t all that good, but… I can do what I’m told…

CM: Ahh, that’s not what I meant!

LT: The way I understood it, Yunho is not smart, but Changmin is not emotional!
YH: That’s why we need each other!

Yunho received a lot of negative feedback and criticism after the first few episodes of his first official drama, Heading to the Ground, aired.


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