I know many people feel it is not yet the time for this, but I desperately need to get this off my chest.

Six years ago, twelve members of Super Junior embarked on a journey that would change their lives and little did they know that along the way, four members would be added to their ranks. But the members of Super Junior, being the most loving and most caring young men in the world, would accept as one of their own, with virtually no questions asked and together they would make the happiest of memories.

For six years Super Junior’s love has grown exponentially and internationally. Super Junior has touched the hearts of countless people on all sides of the globe. And these people, these Ever Lasting Friends (so appropriately named), have made up the fourth addition, the addition that SM never meant to create. But we’re just as much a part of their idol group as the precious 15 shining boys. The boys that have taught us about love and about friendship and have written themselves in deeper than they ever could have imagined.

Six years ago, these fifteen boys could never have foreseen the impact they would have on an albeit small, but important part of the world. And although their time is (temporarily) coming to an end, that does not mean we cease to exist. If these boys deserve anything from us, it’s our loyalty. We have to PROM15E to 13ELIEVE. We must, or we fail to live up to our title as Everlasting Friends.

Leeteuk, a leader unlike any other. A leader whose never failing optimism and love keep everyone going and although you may not agree with everything he says, you cannot deny that he has led Super Junior better than anyone else could have, because not only has he catered to each member’s needs, but he has allowed them the grow and flourish into the wonderful men they are now, and has loved them and supported them every step of the way.

Heechul, who is frequently mislabeled as a apathetic pretty boy has actually proven himself to be quite the opposite. Yes, Kim Heechul has a very strong personality and my think somewhat highly of himself, but if you compare the love of himself to the love of his friends and family, it’s incomparable. The love and loyalty he displays to his members is insurmountable and more important than any stereotype he may have acquired. Heechul takes it upon himself to ensure that his friends are happy whenever life may be getting them down. Any person alive should be honored to be able to call themselves Kim Heechul’s friend.

Han Geng, who may no longer be in our ranks physically, but is still in our hearts. Mr. Beijing Fried Rice played a vital role in the formation and growth in Super Junior. He always brought 110%gentleness unlike any other. Geng overcame many obstacles to get to where he is now, and is pursuing his dream as well as his happiness. He loved every member of Super Junior and still does, and ELF should never forget what an amazing and irreplaceable member he was and is.

Yesung, the most eccentric and quirky human being on the entire planet. Yesung brings more joy to the world than most anyone I’ve ever encountered.  An artist of vocal chords as his stage name suggests, Yesung brings a power to Super Junior’s sound that no other idol group possesses. And his voice and passion go hand in hand, because ability without passion would be worthless. No one like Yesung exists and Super Junior is more than blessed to have him as a part of their group.

Kangin, who is brave and loyal and strong. A teddy bear and an ox in one combined; a man with wit and charm; Korea #1 handsome guy Kangin. A man whom we and the members miss desperately and look forward to the day he can return to his hyungs and dongsaengs. Kangin, like Yesung, strengthens Super Junior, though in an entirely different manner. I do not think it is possible to put in to words just what kind of an amazing Kangin is because he’s every kind of person. A father figure, a brother, a friend… there is more to Kangin than meets the eye and he has taught us never to take anything for granted.

Shindong, a man of laughs and smiles and encouragement. Shindong has a natural gift in making the people around him laugh and be happy. He has probably the best sense of humor that is only enhanced by his big, beautiful brain. It’s no secret that Shindong is intelligent, and the manner in which he displays his smarts is the most entertaining way I’ve ever seen anyone exercise their brain. And whether it be through tweets or secret codes, Shindong is either acting as a cornerstone of strength to his members, or making every day experiences more exciting.

Sungmin, the most versatile creature in the entire universe. I swear, there is nothing this man cannot do. He is good at everything. An adorable, soft smile one moment, and a swaying sexy set of hips the next. A man who can sing, dance, act, play the longest catalog of instruments, and the list does not end here. Though, one of the most admirable things about Sungmin is his confidence. There is a fine line between this and arrogance but, despite how easy it would be, this man has never overstepped his bounds. He knows the extent of his talent, but does not let it go to his head and I respect him so much for it.

Eunhyuk, the gummy bear of smiles, the man of endless laughs, and suavest dork the world has ever seen. Hyukjae is most recognized for his dancing prowess, and for good reason. The boy can move in a way that has jaws dropping all over the place, and his physical appearance is quite deceptive. No one could guess that he could move like that at first glance. But more important than his ability in dance, Hyukjae’s personality is the most attractive thing about him. From praying over his maknae and holding him in his arms that night to shedding tears and enveloping arms around his members, Eunhyuk has proven the extent of his loyalty and unfailing sense of friendship. One of the happiest people and skilled in lifting the moods of those around him, Eunhyuk is a vital element in Super Junior, the anchovy and dancing machine.

Siwon, a man unmatched in kindness. I believe if you looked “selfless” up in the dictionary, there would be a “please see: Choi Siwon” because he truly is the epitome of altruism. Siwon puts anyone and everyone before himself without a second thought. He is overflowing with love and generosity. He is always so unbelievably grounded and level headed despite being (arguably) the most handsome man on the planet in addition to being an idol of obscene proportions. But he’s far from arrogant and uses all of his talents to help others. He gives himself little credit for the amazing man he is and always makes sure his members are happy. And I’m sorry, but when he said he wish he could bear all of Kyuhyun’s pain for him…. I love Choi Siwon..

Zhou Mi, aka Mr. Sunshine. The man who never fails to adorn his face with a smile despite the endless hardships he has faced to get to where he is now. Zhou Mi gives everything he does all the strength he can muster and then some. He is always there to offer a hug not only when needed but wanted. He provides more comfort than a small stuffed animal ever could. His affinity for fashion and all things beautiful and bright sets him apart and exemplifies what a truly creative mind Zhou Mi has. This man deserves every good thing in life because he only has good to give. The not-so-exclusive 13 boys have accepted him and treat him as one of their own.. because he is, and my only wish is that someday all ELF from every corner of the world see him as they do. 

Donghae, who still has yet to make it passed age 5. The boy with the big heart and an overflowing amount love.  Donghae is the ideal pet puppy, as close to perfect of a friend as one can be and the best son the world has ever seen. Donghae is not shy when it comes to affection and craves it with every fiber of his being. But he gives back all he receives and with interest. He isn’t afraid to tell someone how he feels and is just a truly genuine person overall. Although he acts like the maknae at times, when needed, he steps up and supports his members, offers his tears and his care. In addition, Donghae is probably THE biggest ELF in the history of ever. No one’s heart is more sapphire than his.

Ryeowook, the fluffiest most sincere member, what would Super Junior do without him? Starve most likely.. and be significantly less happy.  Caring doesn’t even begin to describe Wookie. He’s a nanny, a brother and a friend all wrapped into one. From tweeting “good luck” to his members whenever they’re schedules call for luck to always providing comforting words in strenuous times. Not only this, but Ryeowook also implements his voice in such a skillful and chilling manner. He adds a haunting yet sweet sound to SuJu’s music and like Siwon, doesn’t give himself enough credit for his talents and they are many in number.

Kibum, the ever elusive member. Kibum keeps a fair amount to himself, he’s a very private person, so it’s more difficult to “get to know him” like the other members but what is clear is that Kibum is brilliant. Kibum is shy but confident. And most importantly Kibum is pursuing his dreams. He knows what he wants and he goes after it and I believe he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Kyuhyun, oh dear, where to begin? Kyuhyun was not part of the original 12 members of Super Junior and was ostracized by the fans because of this. It wasn’t until he nearly lost his life that he was fully and completely accepted into the inner circle. From this experience, Kyuhyun has displayed strength, courage, will power and a never ending list of positive qualities. After all he has been through he still manages to live a happy life and enrich the lives of those around them. It’s obvious how drawn to him the members and other idols for and there has to be a reason for this, no? Kyuhyun is the type of person it’s easy to be oneself around, the type of person whose quick wit and charm can make you feel at home even when you’re thousands of miles away from your home. He gets written off as being a brat, but there is so much more to Kyuhyun than that; he is so multifaceted and I wished the other, more prominent sides of him, got played up more often. But one of Kyuhyun’s most wonderful attributes is that of his voice. On the night he nearly lost his life, his father was given the option of saving his son while his voice would be lost or waiting it out until another means was found and he chose the latter, knowing how important Kyuhyun’s song was to him. And he has not taken that for granted. All are blessed to hear Kyuhyun’s voice and there is no one like it in the world. (I realize I’m heavily biased and I’m sorry, but this is my post about what Super Junior has done for me.. ;_;). Thank you for existing, Cho Kyuhyun and thank you for being such a wonderful idol, son, friend, and brother. ;_;

Henry, the forever cute and forever talented maknae of the full family. Henry’s life was changed most drastically to pursue his dreams as a member of Super Junior. He left his home in Canada and ventured far away to a country where the customs and languages were different from what he knew, but he has made the best of it, has kept his head held up high and has adapted better than anyone could have expected him to. Henry, who expresses himself in a way unlike most, who has an amazing sense of humor and is growing into a fine young man. I have so much respect for Henry and all that he has accomplished and I look forward to seeing his career blossom in the future, because he still has so much ahead of him.

Super Junior means more to me than I can coherently express. I know this is not the end, but an intermission. And I promise to sit through the entire thing awaiting my shining boys to return to me. 15 marks etched into my heart where these boys have written themselves in more deeply than I ever could have anticipated. Although I’ve only been with them for a year and a half, it feels like a lifetime.

To quote a very wise man by the name of Album Dumbledore, “We are only as strong as we are united, as we as we are divided.” So do not let petty things interrupt was is truly important; fighting amongst ourselves only weakens us, so please, let us stay strong and unified for our boys, we owe them that much, don’t we?

The journey does not end here. We still have so much to look forward to. But I think it’s important to not take this time for granted. Now is the time to love and support the boys like never before, with more than all that we have. ❤

I don’t care how big of a cliché this has become… but I will PROM15E to 13ELIEVE until sapphire blue balloons cover the entire world. Will you wait with me? ♥


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