슈퍼주니어 데뷔 6 주년~ 

Six years ago, twelve boys debuted, filled with doubts, wondering whether they would succeed. They were supposed to be a project group, and their future was undecided. However, a year later they decided to keep the group as is and add a new member was added to the group, making them thirteen. At first, he was faced with threats and it took a serious car accident, that left him in a coma for 6 days, for them to accept him. Then another two members were added, resulting in the formation of ‘Only 13’. Although even to this day, they are not accepted by everyone as members, they remain strong. With the success of their 3rd album in 2009, they were soon Asia’s top idol group. Then, one member went off to pursue acting, and soon after another unexpectedly and suddenly left the agency due to personal issues, leaving them shocked and hurt.  But they stayed strong, even though their numbers were diminishing.  In 2010, they released a new album with only 10 members and shortly after, another member went off to join the army, causing the group to shrink again. But they were still loved by millions and still Asia’s top idol group. With the release of their 5th album in August 2011, another member joined the army and another temporarily stopped activities to pursue acting leaving them with eight members. Even then they still remained stronger than ever and will begin their 4th tour next week, this time a worldwide tour. They are 슈퍼주니어 and although they began only as a project group but were able to work their way up to one of Asia’s top idol groups. And even if it takes eight years for all of them to finish with army enlistment, ELF will wait. 

기다릴케 슈퍼주니어!~ 


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