kyuhyun/donhae – roadtrip;

they’d made the rather reckless decision to leave their phone and credit cards behind. having spent all their remaining cash on gas and running on an empty stomach for almost 36 hours, they’d robbed decided to rob this gas station. donghae grins from across the small aisle, fingering a bag of chips as kyuhyun looks over at the distracted cashier with a slight gulp and a quickening of pulse. donghae makes his way to the beer and takes a couple cans despite kyuhyun’s incessant loud whispering (“stop! i dont even like beer! he’s going to see those!”). it all falls on deaf ears as he follows behind donghae and they make their way to the exit when a can of beer drops from underneath his plaid shirt, cold liquid and fizz spewing out the top and alerting the tall man behind the counter. kyuhyun ignores donghae’s giddy laughter and the loud beat of his heart as they make a mad dash to the car, fingers fumbling over keys and blood pumping fast. donghae drives at least a mile and a half before pulling over and emptying his pockets, two chocolate bars, already melted from the summer heat, one bag of chips, completely crushed from his own weight, and one can of cold beer. kyuhyun stands across from him, scowl on his face, and at that moment (despite his earlier protests), watching donghae leaning against the hood of their convertible cadillac, neck titled, can to his mouth and eyes closed in nearly ninety degree weather, a can of beer has never looked so appealing. donghae removes the can from his lips, setting the tin behind his back and cocking a brow before pursing his lips in knowing satisfaction, “Mmm.”

kyuhyun takes a step forward, watches all the shades of brown from donghae’s eyes reflect in a wide array of light to dark chocolate in the sunlight. the grin on his face as bright as ever as kyuhyun’s bare arms wrap around his back and his mouth covers his, salt and sweat and the bitter taste of cold beer against the hot heat of tongue.

donghae’s fingers find the hem of his white beater and even though they left their only map at the last hotel miles back and he’s never been so lost in his life, he’s never felt so found.


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